Thursday, July 7, 2011

sleepy cold winter

Well its been a sleepy and very cold winter for us here in Canberra and the cold weather just keeps blowing. Big news... i have been very quiet on the blog front because i have been preoccupied growing and being distracted by our third child soon to venue into this world in only 25 days but who's counting..

Business wise i still love Marimekko

i recently had an exhibition at the national convention centre pictures which was very exciting for me.
a few larger newer pictures where on display see pictures above

Hetika by Marimekko very cool and groovy street scene just almost monochromic with black, gray and white.

Fokas by Marimekko abstract white dots on black background very bold and almost Aboriginal style and very eye catching.

These are both favourites of mine. i have the black one now in my living room and it looks fantantic..

well lets hope its not its not so long till i next post ..thanks for the inspiration Kelly..

till then

live, love and keep warm Canberran's its freezing out there...

Anastasia xx