Sunday, November 28, 2010

Handmade Christmas Twilight Market

This Saturday 4th dec. Kamberra Winery EPIC. 11-7pm

I'll have an outdoor stall.

Hope to see you there.

Here 's the link to the event. ..and not to forget launch of their new book

handmade living........


I am having some cute bags made up with this limited Japanese scooter fabric.

Second picture is marimekko wallpaper. very stylish...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Not long now..

This end of the year is flying by ...
only 5 weeks to if we need a reminder about how much christmas preparation we need to do .
My organised sister in law told me she is nearly finished her shopping.....

well on a brighter note I went to Kingston market last weekend for a pre christmas market and go back again on dec 12th.

But the biggest thing ahead is the next Handmade market on dec 4th at Kamberra winery Epic 11- 7pm.

check out some of these great big pictures i have been doing..

Fabric from Finnish marimekko. They have also updated there website which is very cool ..

My friend Mikaela who is a young groovy thing is designing me some new business cards, she is very clever and really good with helping small business get more IT savy. Check her out....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wedding and Funeral

Well these past few weeks have been a little unusual for me with the lost of our much loved Nana Berna at 96. She is missed greatly.
We also had to miss a wedding in sydney due to sickness in our family, and very glad those weeks have passed.

As the warmness of summer returns here is a newsletter I have started doing on mail chimp on the recomendation of Mikalea one of the girls in our little business group. She is also the photograher of above photo's, check out her facebook page, she is young, clever and really savvy. Also let me know if your a canberra local and keen to join us.

I have been spending some time trying to work on my buisness rather than just in it and getting some great advice from some local interior designers Irene Lewis and Catherine Henderson.

Next market is this coming sunday at Kingston Market on sunday the 14th 10 - 4pm..
Hope you are keeping healthy and happy x

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sharing the important things-marketing

I read alot of interesting things now being linked to so many peoples blogs and facebook pages. But one girl who impresses me is marie-nicole from the central coast who gives us philosophical advice and now marketing tips. Her hand printed textiles and brooches are devine. have a sneak peak at her blog and her lastest marketing tips ...marie-nicole. especially you business girls....

I have been getting some business advice from the in Fyschwick canberra and getting some coaching from lovely Kylie from

so i am looking at rebranding myself any suggestion greatly appreciated or tips..we have been looking at finnish words as Marimekko is Finnish...wanting to keep the hummingbird thou...

i going to have some talks with local interior designers to try to find a ways to work in with them and grow my business.

Tomorrow is the begining of a new start for me and after 2 yrs at home with my baby boy i must return to the world of real work as a midwife tomorow evening. (only casual mind you and one or two shifts a week) it will be a real shock as i am used to going to bed at 8pm with him..

bye for now

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Marimekko's wallpaper

Marimekko is a leading Finnish textile and clothing design company known for their bold and effusive textiles. The company has its own printing textile factory. Marimekko was founded in 1951 and from its beginning it was a company made by women and for women.
Pictures above of Marimekko's wallpaper range.
I love this Biloba range by Kristina Isola in orange and mustard its a ginko leaf design available in black/white/grey also.
After a busy few weeks of school holidays .. i am ready to have a slower week.

Monday, September 20, 2010

spring blossom

New Spring Lemon Cushions
I just love this warm weather.
It seems summer is just around the corner.
Five things to know about me. Thanks to Posie for the inpiration..
My friends and family call me Stacey
My Husband name is Chris and he loves to mountain bike ride and
fish (just back from the coast with a big salmon in the fridge).
My real job is a Midwife i just love babies and children.
I love chocolate and sweat things and just had a market stall at Moryua (south coast) selling Poffertjies with my dad.. (mini dutch pancakes)
I am trying to set aside mondays to do money things thanks to marie nicole's blogs inspirations,.
well live love and laugh x

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

its all over now

Well that was one busy weekend and now its all over.

Two markets back to back was a busy busy time.

It was fun and Canberra Handmade Market was amazing.

Photo's of Mathilda's market and check out the handmade website for photo's of that market.

On Saturday it was sunny and windy so my stall was on wind control. everything placed inside or close too for protection . i had the most amazing succesfull day and really enjoyed talking to the lovely ladies and a few men who came to visit.
more photo's to follow of others.....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Winter warmer

Well if you live in Canberra you will really know we are in the middle of winter with the lovely cold snap we have been having. it just wont let up. bruuurrrrr..

Let me delight you with some interesting news and new works. well i have been busy with i am not sure what but that day to day stuff that seems to always get in the way of us just being able to sit and do the things we want to do and love to do.

The all encompassing continual thoughts of children and what we have to do..............each day...I am trying to prepare for next handmade market here on the 11th of september . cant wait but some much to do.

Have been getting together with some lovely business networking women learning what they are up too and how they do it. very highly recommended. I also met up with the lovely Anna and Cindy from the Lighthouse innovation in canberra that supports and mentors small business. great meeting them, inspiring woman and can't i wait for more of their influence .....

So I thought I should play around with the colour save you getting bored


Oh and that was the other funny thing i wanted to say if you follow Packed to the rafters as i do. i can't believe how much marimekko art they have in the house. wallpaper, wall art and i just noticed a lamp. such good taste their studio designers have..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Flowers and lipstick

Well with the cooler winter weather sometimes it affects our mood, especially when the sun doesn't come out. So my lastest find from shop handmade is a lovely little flower from summerblossom.

when i was a little younger i used to always think all i needed was lipstick and a flower in my hair and i could go anywhere.

i visited my 97yr young nana in her new abode the other day and she had just had her hair set and so i painted her nails just to make her feel a little more special. ..i believe for people especialy women its all about the little things... making us feel a little better about how we are and about how we look..

so needless to say i have be wearing my new flower and lipstick on these cool winter days. i hope you are..
The south coast picture is there to chill you out and warm you up xx

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

winter wonderings

well now we are definetly in the middle of the canberra winter and life is always full of busyness to keep us warm. Family visits from grandparents to the delight of my boys and new family members are a joy. Welcome little Sacha Lauren.

My new free standing letters covered with cute fabric.

have booked old bus depot kingston markets this sunday. i'll rug up .xx

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Well i thought that i would start to let you know more about Marimekko. Marimekko fabrics are my first love and the first wall art i ever made.

Marimekko is Finnish and finds and nurtures an extraordinary team of designers. Marimekko's fabric collection is a combination of their Continuing Collection, dating back to its inception in the 1950's, and of today's hottest young designers' bold new creations.

Marimekko designs are well known for its intriguing, fascinating combinations, bold colours and black-and-white patterns. Expressing Joy and life.

A picture from the 1960's i did this week is the Brown retro kaivo by Maija Isola...also another well known pattern is the Unniko flower and white but now comes in many other colourways.. Heina the tall grasses is also from the 1960's.

its amazing really because alot of the patterns that are popular today have been around since the 1960's.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Mathilda's wrap and latest

Well time gets away from us all and with school holidays now upon us its time to play more, stress less and love more. well thats whats meant to happen anyway. My first day didn't exactly go like that. It was a lot more play, ok. Stress umm well my toddler choose today for his first day not to have his day sleep, away goes my 2hours of work. ahh. And love well there are always times in the day filled with precious moments, kisses and cuddles.

But enough of that i wanted to thank my lovely customers who came to see me at mathilda's market even though it seems like a lifetime ago. thank you.

Here's some pics of how the stall looked and some of the news items i have lots of cushions if you havent already got that, ps i am looking for an overlocker if anyone's got any tips...Janome???

love to hear from you

ps check out the facebook business page "cheeky textiles" and become a fan..

Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Stuff and overlockers

Well i have to start by telling you how i just love overlockers, i have never used one before so was not aware of the joys involved but the ease in which these clever machines stitch and cut and finish off the fabric edge is above none. I have one on loan from a friend and after this next market hope to get one. yes its true i am inlove with it. well you could almost say i am bit over sewing now as i have sewn about 13 cushion covers over the past 2 days. they look great and i am very happy with them but think i am missing the staple gun. anyway after a break from it tonight i must try to venture into more scooter cushion covers they are cute.

Well here are some new pieces going to Mathildas market in canberra this sunday for their first outing. Hope you like them.

check out the website for more details or just email me xx

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mathilda's Market this sunday

If you are in Canberra this weekend and looking for some new groovy stuff for yourself or new little ones Mathilda's Market is one not to miss. I will be there with my Fabric wall art..Sunday the 27th of June. The Hyatt 9-1pm..

check out the website to get a sneak peak of all the lovely designers

I have been working on new pictures for this market i will post them soon so stay georgous Marimekko fabric and others

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

succesful handmade market

Well last saturday was the second handmade market for the year and what a glorious day. The sun shone, it was warm, I was hot in fact. The people came and the fun began. Lots of lovely customers came by and said hello. Heres a little pic of me infront of the stall.

hope all you are keeping warm in this lovely winter weather XX

also photo's of some new pictures available. Lovely red robin by Formosa and aqua and brown floral design.

oh and no 1 son with new space shuttle sciencterrific we made today to take to questacon...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cheeky Textiles new cushions for Handmade Market

Well i have been busy sewing gorgeous cushions for the Handmade market this saturday and if you dont know about the handmade market this sat at the kamberra winery next to epic in canberra i dont know what planet you live on as i have blogged and face booked about it a zillon times.....ahhh.. sorry to all friends just wanting to catch up on gossip and friends that i am exploting through facebook to get to their friends but now its business and facebook is such an amazing audience.. well after busy days filled with meeting no 1 and no 2 needs, we can easily see its winter with the return of the continual cough and the ever running of noses...ah.
ps if you have time check out the new cushion on my website