Sunday, April 11, 2010

latest adventures...

These are a few of my latest weeks work..what do you think?? please leave me a comment ..i'd love to hear from you. I am excited to now have 6 followers...The last week i finished my 6 bird cushions green and red, big effort for me who prefers a staple gun. Henry was the week before but looked good. And the other two were for the Old Bus depot markets i went to today in kingston canberra. It was a long day but nice to have a few people i had met previously and emailed come to visit. I am excited about the opening of shop handmade this friday. check it out if you get the chance. well these are my latest adventures other than easter a few nights away in sydney, too much chocolate thats still going . My birthday yah...a night out to the movies to see Alice with the girls and more chocolate. Entertaining two little boys ...and now for school holidays..lifes adventures..breath ..enjoy,..
till next time

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