Monday, May 10, 2010

A time to slow down

Having just returned form a weeks holiday where we were able to slow down as a family, take stock, go slow and just breath. I just love my little family so much.

Happy mothers day to all the wonderful mothers. what a joy and job it is. what an amazing job our mothers did. thanks mumxx
well i finally got the wonderful back massager i wanted (yeh) and we made cup cakes yummy and all had a go of my new piping bag.
sorry cant get the picture to go here,,,, ah

Life is for living.
As I continue on in my little business life I continue to grow and learn and meet amazing people all the time. Today I met with Jen from RedInstead and she was really lovely and helpful. We are going to make some business cards and postcards together that will really rock and maybe tweak my website so get ready.
I have just ordered some more Marimekko fabric so watch out for this at the upcoming handmade market June 5th in Canberra. My pictures are selling well through shop handmade in the city, amazing SHOP. Check it out if in Canberra gorgeous stuff. Shop 20 Allara st, city walk. near the old Katmandu..

well sorry to any canberra people who expected to see me at the old bus depot markets last sunday. I do apolagize for not making it.

my next market is the handmade market on june 5th...hope to see you there.please mention you've read myblog and it will make my day. or please please make a comment.. as i am not sure i am typing this for myself..


ps i need a lesson in getting the photos uploaded to where you want them ahh. sorry about that
ps thats me ..xx


  1. Hi Stacey

    Glad you had a great holiday on the beach you lucky thing and good to hear that your work is selling at the Handmade shop. Looking forward to next Handmade. Hope to catch up soon for that coffee.

    Jodie x

  2. Looks and sounds like everyone had a lot of fun on your family holiday.

    Great news about your work selling well through shop handmade, congrats.

    All the best with your new projects, making cards and vamping your site... sounds like you have a lot going on.

    Enjoy the process.

  3. thanks for your comments girls. looking forward to seeing you at the next handmade market june 5th. Marie-Nicole i just love reading your blog..XX

  4. Oh darling, hello. For some reason i'm not getting your updates of blog posts!! So hello my love, happy preparing for Handmade Market, love Posie