Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Flowers and lipstick

Well with the cooler winter weather sometimes it affects our mood, especially when the sun doesn't come out. So my lastest find from shop handmade is a lovely little flower from summerblossom.

when i was a little younger i used to always think all i needed was lipstick and a flower in my hair and i could go anywhere.

i visited my 97yr young nana in her new abode the other day and she had just had her hair set and so i painted her nails just to make her feel a little more special. ..i believe for people especialy women its all about the little things... making us feel a little better about how we are and about how we look..

so needless to say i have be wearing my new flower and lipstick on these cool winter days. i hope you are..
The south coast picture is there to chill you out and warm you up xx

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