Monday, September 20, 2010

spring blossom

New Spring Lemon Cushions
I just love this warm weather.
It seems summer is just around the corner.
Five things to know about me. Thanks to Posie for the inpiration..
My friends and family call me Stacey
My Husband name is Chris and he loves to mountain bike ride and
fish (just back from the coast with a big salmon in the fridge).
My real job is a Midwife i just love babies and children.
I love chocolate and sweat things and just had a market stall at Moryua (south coast) selling Poffertjies with my dad.. (mini dutch pancakes)
I am trying to set aside mondays to do money things thanks to marie nicole's blogs inspirations,.
well live love and laugh x

1 comment:

  1. Oh yum, Dutch pancakes, what a lovely way to spend your day with your daddy. I'm so tired i read your post as saying "leather" instead of lemon - der!! I was thinking, wow, that's upping the tempo, fabric & leather, Stacey, that's different!! Too exhausted for words, come on school holidays, husband home, time to actually do some business, interstate trips & family time. Ahhh, i'll miss the Shop, love Posie