Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Stuff and overlockers

Well i have to start by telling you how i just love overlockers, i have never used one before so was not aware of the joys involved but the ease in which these clever machines stitch and cut and finish off the fabric edge is above none. I have one on loan from a friend and after this next market hope to get one. yes its true i am inlove with it. well you could almost say i am bit over sewing now as i have sewn about 13 cushion covers over the past 2 days. they look great and i am very happy with them but think i am missing the staple gun. anyway after a break from it tonight i must try to venture into more scooter cushion covers they are cute.

Well here are some new pieces going to Mathildas market in canberra this sunday for their first outing. Hope you like them.

check out the website for more details or just email me xx

1 comment:

  1. The elephants are great. Hope to cathch up with you at Matilda's Markets. Lauren McD