Monday, July 5, 2010

Mathilda's wrap and latest

Well time gets away from us all and with school holidays now upon us its time to play more, stress less and love more. well thats whats meant to happen anyway. My first day didn't exactly go like that. It was a lot more play, ok. Stress umm well my toddler choose today for his first day not to have his day sleep, away goes my 2hours of work. ahh. And love well there are always times in the day filled with precious moments, kisses and cuddles.

But enough of that i wanted to thank my lovely customers who came to see me at mathilda's market even though it seems like a lifetime ago. thank you.

Here's some pics of how the stall looked and some of the news items i have lots of cushions if you havent already got that, ps i am looking for an overlocker if anyone's got any tips...Janome???

love to hear from you

ps check out the facebook business page "cheeky textiles" and become a fan..


  1. Hi - just wanted to let you know I loved the two cushions Mummy bought from you for my room and I just blogged about them :)

  2. thanks for the blog. very lucky little girl x Anastasia.